Ascentra Credit Union has partnered with First Community Trust (FCT), an independent trust company,­­­ to help families manage, protect and distribute their assets.  Individuals who have established trusts as part of their estate planning may need the services of a corporate trustee.

FCT offers these primary services: asset management, estate planning and settlement, retirement planning and trust administration.  FCT can also serve as a trustee for a trust or an executor of an estate.  An independent trust company like FCT should be considered if someone is looking for professional asset management and an experienced trustee.

Here are some of the benefits of utilizing FCT:

Assets will be safe.  Trust companies, as fiduciaries, are held to the highest standards of conduct relating to the investment and custody of assets. There have been instances where friends and relatives, while serving as trustees, have misappropriated trust funds.

Assets will be managed professionally.  A corporate trustee must be a “prudent investor” and is subject to significant and constant regulatory oversight.

Credit union members may be able to save money.  A trust company has the capability of performing many services in-house, which can prove less expensive than a personal trustee, who may have to hire other higher-priced professionals to assist them.

Credit union members will receive excellent service.  FCT prides itself in the care and concern given to each account relationship.  We listen to their needs and help them achieve their goals.


For more information contact Britta Keys, Vice President, First Community Trust Services, N.A. at 563-345-6558 or


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