3… 2… 1!!  Over 900 guests attended the big Noon Year’s Eve event at the Bettendorf Family Museum to celebrate the arrival of the new year on Sunday, Dec. 31.  The grownups get to have their New Year’s Eve fun at night leading up to midnight, so the Bettendorf Family Museum offers kiddos the chance… Read More

Totally branchless banking has increased lately, but many are still skeptical.   In 2014, Bankrate released a study saying that more than 30 percent of Americans haven’t visited a branch in the last six months. With the rise of mobile technology, financial security and digital communication, it’s possible to never step foot in a branch… Read More

With the start of the New Year, now is the perfect time to make a resolution to save more money. These five tips will help you trim spending, beef up savings, and reduce stress.   1. Pay it off. Pay off your credit cards to save money. Let’s say you have a $2,000 balance at… Read More

No one likes throwing away food, especially if you’re trying to save money. But what do you do with those fresh string beans you got on sale that may not get eaten before they go bad? Freeze them. Follow these handy tips and you’ll be able you to enjoy your favorite foods for months.  … Read More

Are you looking for extra money this summer? Technology has made it easier than ever to bring in extra income when it’s convenient for you—often doing something you love, or at least don’t mind.   The obvious First, consider the assets you have on hand. For instance, have a car? Uber and Lyft are two… Read More

Provided by CUNA Financial Advisor, Brooke Bowie, AFI®   Every day, people die intestate. In legalese, that means without a will. This opens the door for the courts to decide what happens with their estates.   When no valid will exists, state intestacy laws dictate how assets are distributed. These laws divide an estate evenly… Read More

The Ascentra Credit Union Foundation donated $3,000 to The Center in Davenport, Iowa. This grant will assist adult refugees and immigrants who want to become citizens, and help young people who wish to obtain their high school diploma through Scott Community College.   Ascentra Applications and Systems Administrator, Shari Cole, is very passionate and actively… Read More

More Miles Driven: Americans drove 3.22 trillion miles in 2016, a record high.   More Crashes: Deadly crashes spiked 7.2 percent from 2014 to 2015. In 2015, distracted driving claimed 3,477 lives and injured 391,000 people.   More Distractions: 19 percent of the time, drivers are distracted by a phone. About 660,000 drivers use an… Read More