On October 20, 2016, credit unions around the world will celebrate International Credit Union Day (ICU Day). Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives, offering the same services as other financial institutions, but with a people-first philosophy. “The Authentic Difference,” this year’s ICU Day theme, zeroes in on what makes credit unions different from banks, fintech… Read More

Every two seconds an American becomes a victim of identity theft. If the thought of having to clean up your credit report because someone stole your identity frightens you, and you don’t want to become another statistic; here are some tips to stack the odds in your favor. A winning night, can turn into a… Read More

Buying on impulse—it happens to the best of us. It’s easy to do. You go to the store to buy a snack but get distracted and end up grabbing a new hoodie, a video game, and some earbuds. You get home and realize you bought a lot of stuff you don’t really want or need,… Read More

It was a busy summer of giving for the leadership at Ascentra Credit Union. This summer, 36 organizations and charities throughout Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois received $17,000 in Leadership Grants awarded by the Ascentra Credit Union Foundation. In 2015, the foundation committee wanted to support the causes that the volunteer board of directors and… Read More

Money worries are rampant among Americans. A recent survey by Ohio State University found that 70 percent of the nearly 19,000 students surveyed reported feeling stressed about money. Half worried about not having enough money for daily expenses, and 60 percent were anxious about the cost of tuition. But it’s not just college-age adults who… Read More

There are many things to consider before purchasing ANY car, but a NEW car might spark particular questions. There are pros and cons to buying new cars, just as there are pros and cons to buying used cars. First off, when purchasing any vehicle, ask yourself “Why am I buying this car?” Is it for… Read More

In 2015, The Ascentra Credit Union Foundation provided over $79,500 in crucial funding for 39 local organizations including a $50,000 co-sponsorship of a Habitat for Humanity House in Davenport and a four-year commitment to Junior Achievement of the Heartland that amounts to $50,000. It was also the year the foundation successfully established the Paul Lensmeyer… Read More

Serving our membership by saving them money is one of the most gratifying things we do! Did you know you’re saving money just by being an Ascentra Credit Union member? Credit unions typically charge fewer and lower fees than other financial institutions, according to the Credit Union National Association’s (CUNA) latest membership benefits report. Of… Read More

You might be reluctant to make upgrades when you’re ready to sell your house. After all, you won’t be in the house to enjoy them for long. And most projects recoup only 66 percent of their costs, according to the 2014 cost versus value report from Remodeling magazine. But complacency can mean your house stays… Read More

529s have become one of the most popular college savings options. Here are some basics. Looking to save for college? Take a number – the number 529 to be exact. College Savings Accounts, or 529s as they’re nicknamed (after the IRS tax code), have become all the rage in recent years. So what are they?… Read More