Congratulations to all the Bettendorf first graders who completed the Booker Bear Reading Challenge this year! Over 275 Bettendorf first graders met the challenge by reading ten books in one month– awesome job first graders! Students along with their families were treated to a pizza party at the Bettendorf Public Library where each student was awarded with a certificate of achievement and given… Read More

Congratulations to all the Pleasant Valley first graders who completed the Booker Bear Reading Challenge this year! These little readers read 10 whole books in one month and as a reward, were given certificates of achievement, a stuffed teddy bear, and were treated to a pizza party at the Bettendorf Library for their reading efforts! Way to go first graders! Readers even… Read More

by Daniel, 18 College is extremely expensive. I’d like to share with you some ways to make discovering scholarships easy. Smartphone applications Probably the best application I have ever researched is one called Scholly, a powerful application for discovering available scholarships for high school seniors, current undergraduates, and graduate students. The application was developed by… Read More

Congratulations to all the North Scott first graders who completed the Scottie Reads Program! This is the 7th year for the Scottie Reads Program, challenging all of the North Scott first graders to read 10 books in one month. Those who completed the challenge were invited along with their immediate family to a pizza party at Ed White Elementary… Read More

There are dozens of tax deductions available to the self-employed and for small businesses. Your bottom line will be significantly healthier if you understand what they are. “Tax-deductible expenses are almost anything that a small business owner spends on something related to his or her business,” offers Jan Zobel, enrolled agent tax preparer and author… Read More

When you have a specific health problem, you see a specialist, right? This tax season, look for select specialties in your tax preparer, recommends Pete Sepp, executive vice president for National Taxpayers Union, Alexandria, Va. Sepp offers the following tips: Don’t procrastinate. Look for a preparer long before March or April because competent preparers will be… Read More

Have you noticed a charge on your phone bill for something you didn’t purchase? You may be the victim of cramming. Take these steps to protect yourself, according to Consumer Reports. Understand your bill. Familiarize yourself with the layout of your phone bill, understand terms used, and be aware of legitimate charges. Contact your phone… Read More

Ascentra Credit Union will be issuing enhanced-security debit chip cards to all debit cardholders. These high-tech cards that are accepted in the U.S. and around the world contain an embedded computer chip that adds a new layer of protection against fraud for purchases made at the point of sale and when used at ATMs. Debit… Read More

Ascentra Credit Union has a proud history of providing scholarships for members attending college.  As the credit union has grown, so have our scholarship programs and we currently offer $10,000 in scholarships to assist our members.  Additionally, the credit union partners with United Steelworkers Local 105 as well as other area foundations in supporting meaningful… Read More