Dale Owen, President & CEO

Over the course of the past few years, we have seen credit card rewards programs that have fallen short of consumer expectations.

We have worked hard to find the right rewards program that is best for our members; one that is unique and generous. We are pleased to announce the introduction of uChoose Rewards to both our Visa debit and Visa credit cards.

This is the only rewards program in our region that allows you to combine and redeem your rewards points from your Visa debit and Visa credit card purchases – which is kind of a big deal!  This gives you maximum benefits and control since you choose how to redeem your points earned.  You can redeem points for great merchandise, event tickets, travel, receive cash back and even donate to charity.  You also have the option of shopping through the uChoose Rewards website and receive special discounts or earn additional points.

Check out important details about uChoose Rewards at ascentra.org/rewards.  If you don’t have our Visa debit and/or a credit card, we encourage you to look at this benefit of being a member. Our staff is ready to help you get your debit or credit card so you can register to start earning rewards.  If you only have a loan with us, this is the perfect reason to switch your checking account to us because rewards from debit and credit card purchases are better together.


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  • Can you tell me more about the rewards before I sign up, especially since that is a third party site and requires entering my card number first thing.

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