Totally branchless banking has increased lately, but many are still skeptical.


In 2014, Bankrate released a study saying that more than 30 percent of Americans haven’t visited a branch in the last six months. With the rise of mobile technology, financial security and digital communication, it’s possible to never step foot in a branch again. But you don’t have to use a fintech startup with an unproven track history to go branchless: Ascentra Credit Union offers everything you need.


Simplify your checking and live easier with these tips on going branchless.


The Easy Stuff

1. Download Ascentra’s MyMobile mobile app. Available for Apple and Android devices, this app features include viewing your balance, making transfers, depositing checks, and Popmoney, which allow you to pay just about anyone with a text or email.


2. Follow Ascentra on social media. For important updates, like when Android Pay is introduced, or tips on how to save money, social media is a great way to get connected and stay up-to-date. It’s like going to see your favorite teller, just without much effort. Ascentra is active on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.


3. Use your digital wallet. Ascentra’s debit and credit card are compatible with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay that allow you to pay securely at stores, through apps, and online. Ascentra Credit Union is now offering Apple Pay and Samsung Pay for Visa debit and credit cards; making your compatible smartphone phone your digital wallet.


The Harder Stuff

4. Deposit cash through ATMs. Depositing cash is probably the hardest part of going mobile. Especially if you’re traveling, it can be difficult finding a location to securely deposit cash in your checking account. Both Bettendorf branches allow you to deposit cash into the ATM, as well as our Davenport branch located at West 53rd Street.


5. Get customer service through digital channels. Reach out on social media or submit a request via email or You can also always use your smartphone for, gasp, making a phone call.


6. Apply for loans online. It’s as easy as it sounds! Just be sure to keep communication open once you’ve been approved.


Lastly, you don’t have to go totally branchless. Ascentra Credit Union branches are open Monday through Saturday and our staff is happy to help you reach any of your financial goals.



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