The number of excavators and cranes in downtown Bettendorf, Iowa will soon grow as Ascentra Credit Union breaks ground on a new home office and financial center on Thursday, May 31 at 4:00 p.m. on the corner of Grant Street and 19th Street.  The membership at Ascentra is also growing and the not-for-profit is looking… Read More

Every year Ascentra generously gives staff the opportunity to participate in our very own Steppin’ Up program. This special program allots $50 to participating staff members to pay it forward and touch the lives of others by surprising people in the community with random acts of kindness.   This year, 126 of our staff gave… Read More

On average, women outlive their husbands. According to the Social Security Administration’s estimate, the average 65-year-old woman will outlive the average 65-year-old man by more than two years, dying at age 86½. Averages aside, it also estimates that about a quarter of today’s 65-year-olds will live into their nineties. Around 10 percent will live to… Read More

Finances can be one of the biggest strains on our personal relationships so don’t be afraid to talk about money with your significant other.  Check out this short, educational video as we talk about marriage and money on this edition of Ascentra Making Cents.  To see more videos of our monthly financial education segments like this… Read More

Vacations are meant to give you some much needed rest and relaxation. Since lodging expenses can eat up a huge chunk of your vacation savings, you’ll want to make sure you find the best prices for them. Here are a few websites to help you find the best deals on lodgings. If you’re strictly a… Read More

Thanks to shared branching, you are never far from your money when you need it!  Check out this short, educational video as we talk about shared branching on this edition of Ascentra Making Cents. To see more videos of our monthly financial education segments like this one, head to our YouTube channel. Shared branching is… Read More

We work our tails off saving for retirement, putting away as much as we can for years. It seems like we’ll never get to use any of the money— and then one day we actually retire. Now we’re faced with the dilemma of how much we can spend during retirement— how long will savings actually… Read More

If you’re trying to build credit or boost your credit score you might be wondering if there is an ideal number of credit cards to have.  The truth is there is no perfect number.  However, there are factors you should keep in mind when deciding how many credit cards to have. Your credit score is… Read More

Credit unions are having a moment—and that moment keeps begging bigger and longer.  Since the financial crisis of 2008, millions of Americans have switched from banks to credit unions. Now more than 106 million people in the U.S. use credit unions. Why?  Because credit unions are a better deal.  They offer better rates, fewer fees, and… Read More

Improve your financial fitness and manage your wealth. Get your finances in shape by taking these steps:   Bulk up your emergency fund.  Having a back-up fund may prevent you from having to tap or max out credit cards if your refrigerator dies or your car needs major repairs.   Improve your credit score.  Having a… Read More