You’re in a financial bind and need some quick cash.  You’ve seen payday loan stores all over town and think “Maybe I should try that…” Don’t fall into that trap!  Getting a loan with a payday lender could send you down a deep hole that may take years to get out of. Here’s how payday… Read More

Are you looking forward to the summer? Maybe planning a vacation, but not sure how you’ll afford it? Here are a few ways to help you save and earn extra money so you can enjoy some summer fun. One way is to automate saving by diverting a portion of your salary into a savings account.… Read More

If you thought you couldn’t join Ascentra Credit Union, think again. Our credit union has a community charter, which means anyone living or working in this community can join our credit union. You might already know that there are many benefits to being a credit union member–such as low fees and loan rates, excellent member… Read More

After the Iowa Senate passed a budget bill that would raise taxes on credit unions and provide a 48 percent tax cut to banks in Iowa, Ascentra and other credit unions from the Quad Cities region packed a bus with about 40 advocates destined for Des Moines to speak with lawmakers.  Upon arriving at the… Read More

Congratulations to all the Bettendorf first graders who completed the Booker Bear Reading Challenge!  This year, 292 Bettendorf first graders met the challenge by reading ten books in one month– awesome job first graders!  Students along with their families were treated to a pizza party at the Bettendorf Public Library on Saturday, Feb. 24th where each student was awarded with a certificate… Read More