There are certain milestones that mark important times in our lives. Sitting in car for the first time all alone with our new driver’s license, walking across the stage at graduation, completing college or beginning our first full-time job. These all make us take a pause and feel a huge sense of gratification.  … Read More

What is a tax return? If you are receiving a tax return, how can you make the most of every dollar? Check out this short, educational video as we talk about tax returns on this edition of Ascentra Making Cents.  To see more videos of our monthly financial education segments like this one, head to our YouTube… Read More

It’s a great feeling to toss items when spring cleaning but there are a few items you’ll want to be sure to keep.   Tax returns and documentation–Keep a copy of all 1040 tax forms permanently. Keep supporting documents like W-2s, receipts, and statements for seven years.   Receipts–Keep ATM receipts until you confirm the… Read More

Businessman with income tax form and clock

Don’t let tax time be a mystery that’s out of your control. As your circumstances and tax rules change, review and tweak your tax situation: Review your withholdings If you’re employed, at some point you used form W-4 to tell your employer how much tax to withhold from your paycheck. When filling out a W-4,… Read More